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*Update* Now a Government centre for Digital Lifeline, Computers for people with Learning Difficulty https://abilitynet.org.uk/news-blogs/digital-lifeline-people-learning-disabilities


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**New Chat bot** asks about your computer skills, Bottom right hand corner of screen, Messenger and chat

Beginners Confidence

1.  Be confident to ask

2.   Attend a course.

3.   Learn how to still be confident of errors, messages appearing, e.g Checking for viruses 

4.  Learn with others

5.  The most Technical people still need to reference books and help guides


1.  Not be confused with social media

2..  Find out where the compose/send an email button is

3.  Once again Passwords!

4.  Try attaching a picture

5.  Ask if unsure if an email is fake

Keyboard and Mouse

1.  What is QWERTY?

2.  Know where the shift key is

3.  Do you need to make screen resolution bigger, to see where mouse is pointing

4.  Use a keyboard and mouse you are confident to use

5. Select menus using a right click of the mouse

Computer Mouse